Who we are

Since 1999 Moldzio & Partner – Institute for Personnel Selection advises companies in all issues pertaining to professional aptitude testing and diagnostics. We individually develop and implement selection procedures as well as methods regarding potential analysis. In addition, we appropriately qualify executives to conduct diagnostic procedures, e.g. interview trainings. Our focus is on practical and demand-oriented solutions both for nationally and internationally operating companies.

Contrary to recruitment consultants and headhunters, we do not approach employees or act as an agent.

Overview of our services and costumers

As we are specialized in professional aptitude testing and diagnostics, we mainly offer services in the following areas:


Developing and implementing personnel selection procedures

We develop and carry out selection procedures for companies. When selecting external candidates, we see ourselves as neutral reviewers whose success does not depend on the signature of a single candidate. Instead, we design matching processes that enable companies to paint a precise picture of applicants. Furthermore, applicants receive in-depth knowledge of the company. Hence, both sides can decide on the degree of suitability.

Examples: Occupational tests and questionnaires, interviews, (Single) Assessment Center


Developing and implementing procedures pertaining to human resources development

The development and retention of qualified talents is one of the core challenges in modern HR Management. A sound analysis of employees´ development potential constitutes the basis for every company´s long-term success. In this context, we develop and implement methods to identify potential.

Examples: Single Assessments, Development Center


Qualifying executives to conduct diagnostic procedures

We qualify executives to employ selected professional diagnostics procedures. Managers, HR business partners and HR developers as well as internal trainers can therefore expand their own skills. This enables and guarantees a consistent high quality level in personnel selection and potential development.

Examples: Trainings in observing or interviewing

Ranging from apprentices to members of the management board, we focus strongly on our task to support good decisions – for both costumers and candidates. We navigate competently in various sectors, e.g. insurances and banking institutions, different service providers (e.g. logistics, engineering), industrial companies and public institutions.

Further information

In German-speaking countries, Moldzio & Partner is one of the qualitative market leaders in the field of occupational aptitude diagnostics. We position ourselves as a business consultancy between business and science. In addition to DIN 33430 requirements, the sustainability of our work is secured by extensive research projects. According to the motto „knowledge creates success“, Moldzio & Partner conducts its own research in the area professional aptitude diagnostics and exchanges regularly with professors and experts from various disciplines in order to constantly improve the quality of their own work.